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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Source of the prhase "The Squaronians"

It occurs to be the origin of the term "Squaronian" may not be self-evident to a reader.

Some years back, a friend and I did what we meant to be a one-time humorous spoof "newsletter" about Washington Square here in Bangkok and its colorful denizens, a rag we named "The Washington Square Tattler." Though all the stories in that what-turned-out-to-be-inaugural issue were grounded in some kernel of truth, we took, shall we say, considerable editorial liberties with those kernels.

Much to our amazement, it was such a huge hit that our friends around the Square begged -- no, demanded -- more.

My co-publisher buddy dropped out after the second issue; I went on to publish an additional 21 editions before deciding it was just too much work, especially on top of the website I and the same buddy had started by then (and from which he has long since departed).

Anyway, early on we were kicking around some term to identify regulars of the Square. "Squarite"? "Squarinian"? "Squareman"? "Squarb"? Nothing seemed to suit.

Then one morning Dennis (my buddy) and I were sitting in the Texas Lone Staar talking about something else entirely when a thought flashed through my head: "Squaronian."

It struck me. So I asked Dennis what he thought. He got all excited and agreed it was a good term. Several other Squaronians -- as they were about to become in name as well as long-established fact -- were present, and they all chimed in they loved the term.

And since that fateful day, Squaronians we've been -- like it or not!!!

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