Sunday, September 2, 2007

Since most of us Squaronians are older and, therefore, suffering fading eyesight, I'll make this as big as possible!

No news on Josh for about two weeks, which is both encouraging while a bit worrisome. It's been just over three months since he had his initial, um, what doctors sometimes call "episodes," but the fact I haven't heard any bad news is in its own way encouraging.

George called me Saturday, September 1, 2007 (two days ago) and says he's still on target to arrive on the 9th about midday at the Texas Lone Staar so he can reclaim his throne and hold his first court session since his departure back in May.

Things have been varying wildly in terms of business, and not just around the Square. Ditto Queen's Park Plaza -- to that I can attest. Reports say the same for every other foreigner entertainment venue around town. I heard just yesterday that Pattaya is quiet.

I want to ask for input regarding news of Old Thai Hands -- publishable only, please! -- including about yourselves. Hard to keep The Bamboo Telegraph hot without anything to report!

Anybody heard anything about foreigners in taxis getting stopped in the general vicinity of Sukhumvit Soi 22 and being hassled? I haven't -- and I LIVE just off the lower end of the soi, so travel up and down it every day as I shuttle back and forth between home and the Square. I've not had the slightest problem nor even seen any police other than those who direct traffic around the school midway on the soi between Sukhumvit and Rama IV.

Later --

Mekhong Kurt