Thursday, January 31, 2008

Correction and some news

The URL for the archives page of my column ran off the right side, so I'm re-posting it in smaller type -- and hope I avoid that problem this time!

Since I last put up specific news this past September, there have been two major developments among people from Washington Square, i.e. "Squaronians":

(1.) Josh Gaines passed away in November after a lengthy illness. He was cremated here in Bangkok, a ceremony a number of us attended.

(2.) In mid-December, George Pipas, owner of the Texas Lone Staar in the Square, developed several medical problems and entered hospital, where he remains. His condition is, according to what I've been told -- I've not gone to visit myself, as I understand he doesn't need to be overloaded with visitors -- stable.

In other Washington Square news, the future for the Square remains uncertain. The rumors have died down, not that any of us really knew which one was most likely correct in the first place. Given the delicate economic situation here, I won't be surprised if the landlords sit tight for quite some time to come, particularly given the global impact of the economic problems in the US and those problems' ripple effects that come right across the Pacific to the Kingdom.

This tourist season seems rather slow; a friend was down Pattaya way a few days ago and said he felt as if he owned all of Beach Road, so few were the tourists. Another friend was in Phuket a few days before that and gave a similar report.
Just want to post a combination of some general and specific information.

The general information is this:

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In the edition I will be posting later today (Friday, February 1, 2008) I have articles about unusual weather in Bangkok, the new Thai government, gossip from around Bangkok's Washington Square, and more.

I hope you visit the website -- there's much, much more than just my column -- and that you enjoy it.